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adHub is the first advertising agency who developed its own Facebook ad management platform in Taiwan. With more than 1500 clients and about 3 billion NTD ad-delivery experience, adHub provides 360-degree services, including marketing strategy, ad optimization, and technical support for customers.

Our Clients

Service Overview

  • Digital Campaign Management Tools

  • Digital Campaign Planning and Management Service


Leadership Team

We are hiring!

If you are enthusiastic about app development, willing to apply new technology, and be the key person to build a product, welcome to join us!

Send us your resume : recruit@ad-hub.net
  • Client partner manager / senior /

    • (1) Able to acquire new clients
    • (2) Maintain client relationships
    • (3) Learn how to sell ad products
    • (4) Provide marketing strategies to clients
  • Facebook ad platform Developer

    • (1) Understand Internet / Web
    • (2) Understand Internet HTML / CSS
    • (3) Bootstrap
    • (4) AngularJS
    • (5) Relation Database
  • More position

A convenient cross media ad management tool

Create and manage Facebook, Instagram and Google ads in one stop

Bulk Creation

Creative library

Through combination, adHub creates bulky posts from saved copies and images

  • Performance mode

    Split audience groups and combine them with creatives automatically to find the best selection

  • Add numerous ads at once

    Create several posts under ad sets at a time without adding them separately

Automation rule

Let system monitor ad performance for you through preset rule

Campaign conversion lookalike audience

Target high-potential customers easily by analyzing existed campaigns and generating lookalike audience


你的潛在客戶中,10個人就有9個人 整天盯著Facebook!

fb win








為何要找adHub購買數位廣告? adHub服務內容介紹

試過Facebook廣告,但不確定廣告成效好壞? 找不到優化方法?

Consulting Services 讓Facebook廣告更懂你的心!


adHub x Facebook 廣告幫你創造商機



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1. 進可攻,退可守提供多元的廣告投遞方式,觸及多樣的消費者

2. 主動搜尋 = 高度興趣 = 消費者決策依據

3. 搜尋再行銷有效提升轉換成果

4. 動態關鍵字集客救援

為何要找adHub 購買數位廣告? adHub服務內容介紹

試過Google廣告, 但不確定廣告成效好壞? 找不到優化方法?

不間斷式服務 讓Google廣告更懂你的心



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ANN Success Stories

Find high-value customers easily

Facebook Ads Success Stories

Drive brand awareness and sales performance

Campaign Experiments

adHub Tells Stories with Data

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Let our planner design and optimize a ad Campaign for you !

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Let Auto Booster help you deal with the dropping reach issue

Focusing on creativity and content is your core competency

5 Main Features

1. Save your time by boosting high quality posts automatically

Calculate post value by engagement rate and freshness

2. Save your effort with automatic ads creation system

Boost two posts simultaneously to get effective impressions

3. Small budget does work on Auto Booster

When the performance of the running post reach your goal, the system will change to boost another post automatically

4. Stop ads by preset CPX cap

Let Auto Booster monitor ad costs for you

5. Let A-Boo be your fan page secretary

You can do every key decision immediately without keeping staring at Auto Booster


We provide different services for who have different needs

Try Auto Booster

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Still wonder how to reach target audience by ads and drive effective traffic to your website?

adHub Native Network combines O2O insight, cross-device advertising, and automation technology to give you the most ideal traffic

What O2O customer insight can do for you?

More specific targeting conditions bring you high-value traffic to grow business

Want to increase your brand awareness? Let Native Ads help you!

Influence consumer purchasing decision through high quality content and cross-device solutions

Want to make your advertising more effective and efficient?

Let automation engine manage ads with data and reach your goals smartly

Success stories

Let the data speak!

How to start the ANN journey?

Nonstop services help you do digital advertising better

Learn more about ANN

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Facebook Ads Self-Service Project

Combine the ad account application service and education resources

adHub wants to help Taiwanese SMB to solve their problems

Facebook Ads Self-Service Project'

Provide 4 essential nutrients to grow bussiness by facebook ads

Contact us to know Facebook Ads Self-Service Project

Can't track the performance of marketing messages deliver in LINE@ ?

Enable Messaging API but find that you cannot talk to customers 1:1 ?

Don't know how to utilize customer data into LINE marketing ?

Abbr: Can't track the performance of marketing messages deliver in LINE@ ?

Abbr: Enable Messaging API but find that you cannot talk to customers 1:1 ?

Abbr: Don't know how to utilize customer data into LINE marketing ?

Three Main Features of ACHO

Provide you a more complete LINE MKT solution

1. Segment Marketing

Upload "Custon Audience", let ACHO match your CRM and LINE friends data

Utilize message template and click action to collect user behavior tags

Send different messages by different customer value

2. Real-time Customer Management

Answer customer's question in time to seize every business opportunity

Provide a complete interface and function to support customer

3. Performance Tracking

Analyze every friend's preference

Understand the demography by user behavior tags

Source : 1021_survey, 1129_rich menu / Reach : 100 / Click : 150

Display the click performance of every creative

All : 383 clicks Interval:11/1-11/30 Gender:Female Age:25-34 Region:Hsinchu

How does it work?

Tracking the campagin outcome and analyzing audience to improve performance

Contact us to know more about ACHO

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More than 17 million MAU in Taiwan

LINE Official Account

Account are displayed within the LINE platform, allowing companies to reach a wide range of users quickly.


Seize every business opportunity with mini-mobile website and quick customer service.


Improve brand affinity by letting user view the ads proactively


Drive traffics by 16 million active users easier

LINE Ads Platform

Achieve effective engagement by native ads

 for LINE

Understand audience behavior and touch their hearts

Contact us to know more about LINE Marketing

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